Lark "Premshakti" Tucker
Personal Energy Facilitator/Teacher

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Lark's Presentation & Teaching Schedule

July 2012

Miami, FL

The Symbol Workshop
1-day workshop/session

No prerequisites—Available and Open to Everyone!


Sept 23-24, 2012

Sedona, AZ
The Lattice Experience Workshop
Prerequisites: None

Sept 25-29, 2011
Sedona, AZ
Phase I-IV EMF Balancing Technique Training

Prerequisite: Completion of the Lattice Experience Workshop

Oct 7-12, 2012

Sedona, AZ
Phase V-VIII EMF Balancing Technique Master-in-Practice Training
Minimum Prerequisite: Phase I-IV Training
Aug 19-24, 2012

Nov 11-16, 2012
Sedona, AZ
Phase IX-XII EMF Balancing Technique Emerging Evolutionary Training
Minimum Prerequisite: Phase V-VIII Training

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