Lark "Premshakti" Tucker
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The Symbol: An Intention Experience

Taking Charge of the Energy of Challenges!



Are you ready and willing to take charge of the energies in your daily life? The energy of old ways that no longer serve you, food, cigarettes, drugs, relationships

Are you willing to live a life of greater freedom? The Symbol is an elegant key to the doorway of quantum reasoning, a fusion of logic and infinite potential to create a life filled with attainable possibilities.

In this seminar you will:

  • Use the Symbol to work directly with the energy of your challenges.
  • Learn to make a clear, powerful, focused statement of intent.
  • Develop and gain confidence in your ability to consistently empower your intent.
  • Discover the potential of quantum reasoning.
  • Receive supporting information from the field of brain science
  • Explore how to manage your most precious resource, your personal energy!
  • Learn to help others with their challenges.

Empowering Your Statement of Focused Intent Meditation

Lark Tucker joyfully presents this meditation filled with the energy of love. This meditation initiates the next resonance of transformational evolution within your Lattice to strengthen your energy of Self direction and Self support. It is designed to encourage and nurture the choices and intents you make during today’s seminar.

This is a very nurturing and beautiful experience!

You are energy, timeless, and infinite! Are you ready to manifest the next level of freedom in your life?

In his bestselling book The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown refers to Lynn McTaggart and her research with the worldwide Intention Experiment, and he supports the theory that there is an organized system of energy extending beyond the physical body that can affect physical reality.

This workshop has been created by Peggy Phoenix Dubro as part of her evolving understanding of the Universal Calibration Lattice®, an organized system of energy extending beyond the physical body that is your personal link to the universal energy source.  She is the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®, an empowering energy work which is practiced in over 70 countries.

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